About Our PPC & SEO Services

Our clients in the real estate industry often as us about who does our online marketing. We have prepared this post in an attempt to answer this question and offer insight into the evolution of website and digital marketing strategy into what it is today.

Mentat Web Agency is a team of Internet marketing professional specializing real estate seo services and marketing strategies. Mentat has made use of different Internet marketing creatives and channels to generate revenue for the business since the beginning. From designing websites to the development of comprehensive inbound marketing strategies, the team understands what is required to deliver significant value for big and small clients.

Why Do I Require SEO Services?

This is the digital age where most people use the Internet to find information as well as services and products. This is the reason why businesses all compete for the top sought-after spots in the search engines such as Google. Why? It is a great opportunity to get in front of customers and potential clients at the very moment that they are searching for something that you can provide.

The amazing ROI and potential of SEO as a marketing channel is simply unmatched. So, the simple answer is that SEO services are important since they help send the proper signals to the search engines and propel your website into the top spot.

What About PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising?

When most people talk of PPC, they are usually referring to a product of Google known as AdWords. The system allows you to bid for placing an advertisement with a link to your website within the search results. AdWords might be a paid service but if setup and maintained by professional who know AdWords in and out it can be very profitable.

PPC is usually used as an immediate traffic generation vehicle while you wait for SEO campaigns to mature. It also has the potential to offer valuable insight into the kind of ad copy that resonates with your target audience along with the search volumes of particular keywords.

SEO in Building Your Brand

Branding is usually chaotic, costly, and complex. You throw several different things at consumers with the hope that it sticks in their minds and that they will recall it when the time for making a purchase comes. SEO has the potential to accelerate branding campaigns and make your memorable.

Once more people start visiting your website, getting familiar with your business, and ordering from you, it is highly likely that they will come back again and even tell their friends about you. SEO is a great way to get this process started by ranking your website high and then attracting hordes of traffic.

It has the power to turn this initial impression into lasting recall by presenting the most useful and relevant information that visitors seek through the search engines, thus securing a lasting place in their hearts and earning ‘mind share’.

SEO Driving Offline Sales

Smart purchasing decisions are the starting point for good SEO. Today, a growing number of offline sales are driven by Web initiated research. It is the reason why even offline business cannot afford to ignore online marketing. It is also the reason why SEO is the cornerstone of the digital marketing strategy or every company. Company websites act as never-resting salespersons that work day and night to deliver the most qualified leads.

They are people who are actively seeking out solutions you present to their most pressing needs and problems. SEO has the potential to bring many more of them to your virtual doorstep, for your business to delight, service, and enamor.

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